A Ghost Story: Review

Best Picture Nominee Alert!

It’s arthouse. David Lowery delivers one of the greatest indie cinematic experiences of the year. Beautifully shot in an 1:33:1 aspect ratio , an interesting decision to shot this film.

Is a interesting original story not for everyone. Let’s be honest for people who doesn’t love art or love movies some times this film can result really boring. If you love the seventh art like me you’ll be analyzing everything.

Casey Affleck is a dead husband who becomes a white – sheeted ghost exploring a legacy and traveling thru time.

Rooney Mara is so damn talented, you can’t take your eyes off her, she is always so good. She is the widow of Affleck’s character and in this film you don’t need too much dialogue to understand things.

I have this song I can’t get out of my head from Dark Room named ” I Get Overwhelmed” , My favorite part of the film is with that song playing; and probably can receive some love at the Oscars. I hope so.

What more can I say? Experience it yourself. Is simple with a touch of ambition and originality.

I’m still thinking of it and probably motivates me to write some stuffs.