Filmmaker Quote: Lawrence Kasdan

“Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.” – Lawrence Kasdan


Deadpool 2 Review

Well like mostly everyone is saying , the movie is bigger than the first one with double of everything.

Well this movie have a lot of bullets so I’ll talk with bullets.

Good things para mi:

  • This sequel is funnier , bloodier , sicker than the first one.
  • The action sequences are really good choreograph, well is John Wick director so you know what I’m talking about… hopefully.  I like action film when fighting looks real.
  • I enjoyed Josh Brolin as Cable, what a year he’s having.
  • Domino, was so good. I wan’t more!
  • Every cameo!
  • The last after credit damn that was really fucking cool!
  • and obviously Ryan Reynold is Deadpool. I think I will say that in every Deadpool movie reaction/review. Yes So he is the best part of it so the best things always comes at the end. ( Casi siempre)

The weakest things for me: 

  • The plot is meh. I’m just okay with it.
  • The visuals, well they can still do better.
  • More Negasonic, please!
  • More Cable, I wanted to se way more Cable.

I don’t know exactly how to explain this but I liked it better than the first one. But… the first one is better made? Anyways…

You going to have fun , laugh , probably watch this movie twice.

And I will not be surprised if Deadpool get nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song for ” Ashes” with Celine Dion.