Coco Review

Una de las mejores peliculas del año y la mejor película animada.

 Sorry, The Lego Batman.

Las unicas dos movies que tienen la pelea para ganar el Oscar.

Es Original, genial y hermosa. 



Justice League Review

All In. Finally. 

I have mixed feelings. The nostalgia is in but that wasn’t enough for me. 

My expectation wasn’t high because I know the DCEU historical background, but in overall the movie is a guilty pleasure; is a good movie , I guess. 

The Good: 

1) The Chemistry of the team.

2) Fun. Flash was really enjoyful. 

3) Aquaman is great and we want more of him. 

4) Cyborg shut my mouth and I like that.

5) Danny Elfman using some nostalgic score from Tim Burton’s Batman. I loved that. 

The bad:

1) The villain is weak. 

2) Flawed as fck. 

3) Rushed, Really really rushed. Ya’ll know this movie was supposed to be  a 3 hours movie right? But anyways.

4) The visuals are just good but not great. 

The movie deserve to be seen on IMAX and also at least two times. 

It’s a little bit underrated and a 36% in Rotten Tomatoes is to low , is not that awful. Let’s have that clear. Is jut simply not great at is supposed to be a Justice League film. Not even epic. 

There’s two after credit scenes so stay until the end.