Beautiful Shot 

A ClockWork Orange (1971)

DP: John Alcott

Director: Stanley Kubrick 


Mother! Review

The new feature of Daren Aronofsky (Black Swan) is a mind blowing art house film. Totally disturbing , metaphorical, allegorical and I think is even funny.

Jlaw is mother earth and Javier Bardem is … well this movie is hard to talk about without spoilers so I just want to tell you that go ahead and see it if you want to see something new.

You are not going to get it out of your mind and escalates in a way you’re not going to take your eyes off the screen.


Universal Studios Hollywood

Yesterday I have the chance to visit the Universal Studio in Hollywood and was pleasant. 

If you have the chance to visit it go and do it , and even more if your are a film hardcore lover.

Here are some poctures I take , there’s not much because there places turn into Horro nights maze so here are a few. 

The Bates Motel and a piece set from Jaws

We still keeping Mexico, Puerto Rico and the world in our prayers. Its very sad. 
In other news Im goint to Warner Bros so Ill try to bring more pics. See ya.

Ando en Los Angeles preocupado por Puerto Rico  con el paso de María. Ya ustedes saben que hacer 🇵🇷

Hoy estaré visitando los estudios de Universal Pictures asi que espero poder mostrarles algunas pics pronto.