Rewatching The Incredible Hulk

I am going to see again all the MCU films before Panther and Infinity War. maybe standalone first and then in may the Avengers films. Don’t know yet. I am more focus on the Oscar season by now.

But I have rewatch ” The Incredible Hulk” and I’ve been more bored than ever watching it. Is the weakest of the MCU and I feel bad that I don’t want it to see it again.


Review: Phantom Thread

Daniel Day Lewis last performance.

Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day Lewis is an outstanding actor- director duo since ” There Will Be Blood”.

Vicky Krieps and Lesley Manville are also great in this picture. This film is obsesive , hypnotic , dramatic , and also funny.

Yes, funny. This film have comedic elements. You’ll noticed them and you’ll probably laugh too. I laugh a lot.

PTA is steping into the role of director of photography too even he doesn’t want the recognition of his work as a DP. He have done a great work shooting beautiful images and as a director, If you know his work obviously he always great.

Jonny Greenwood score is 👌🏽.

I have a good time watching Daniel Day Lewis in his “last performance” ( They all said that and come back later) . Also is my first PT. Anderson film in cinemas, and I’ll never gonna miss another one.

The Oscar nominations are next Tuesday and there’s some Oscar buzz specially for DDL.

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