Creed Review

A Triumph ! A Knockout !

Creed is the best boxing film since The Fighter. Is one of my top 5 boxing films and that list you will see it later.  The Rocky franchise never dies and with Creed is a tribute for the first Rocky film and passing the torch to a new beginning. Michael B. Jordan is great in his performance as Adonis Creed , A man who want to become a great boxer and his going to make everything to accomplish.

We also  have the terrific performance of Sylvester Stallone as a supporting actor returning in his role as the iconic Rocky Balboa.Who decides to train Apollo Creed son to make his own legacy. Stallone proves again that he is more than a action movie star. He is a great performer and He nailed it with a possibility of a Oscar contender chances for the same role he was nominated before in the first Rocky but this time as a Trainer.

The film have heart and valor with a great script and direction by Ryan Coogler who also makes long shots boxing scene which are beautiful. This film is better than you expected and is one of the best films of the year.




Cinematography  by Maryse Alberti




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