The Revenant Review

Alejandro G. Iñarritu delivers a true cinematic experience , reaffirming he is one of the best directors in the industry right now. Leonardo DiCaprio performance is a Oscar winning lock for me ,no so much dialogue as other films but he pulls a physical acting like a boss. Tom Hardy is so great that is a joy to see him with other talented actors as well making it happens in the big screen.

The film is brutal and savage but stunning , Emanuel ” Chivo” Lubezki always making cinematography like a god , using the natural light to give us the best shots always. He is going to his third Oscar winning in a row and if he made it, that is something incredible. This Mexican duo achieve this piece of cinema very realistic that you feel traveling in time and makes you feel part of the story.  I think The Golden Globes aren’t  went wrong with Leo , Alejandro and the film winning the award but the  12 Oscar nominations are worth it and I am truly anxious to see DiCaprio win for the first time.

A Masterpiece!  



Stunning! Thanks Chivo!


The Best Film of 2015!


Breathtaking and Epic!



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