The Conjuring 2 Review

James Wan is the new master of terror making a back to back with The Conjuring 2.


Better that i was expecting. Horror films sequels are not used to be good as the first premise but James Wan is going to prove you this is not the case. He is mature and consistent and every horror film with his name on it you should give it a try.

Vera Farming and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Lorraine and Ed Warren, who are going to help a family in a serious demonic danger  this time at London.

The vintage style of Wan in this cases is legit because you have the feeling of watching an old school horror film; those good days in the horror genre. Also the production design helps on that and i will give also credit to the script and the acting performance of Madison Wolfe who did a really nice job as Janet Hodgson, the young girl demonic possessed. She makes me remember  Linda Blair in the exorcist but in Wan’s way.


About the cinematography is so much better than the first one and that is thanks to Oscar nominated cinematographer from Forrest Gump, Don Burgess. Im a big fan of great camera movements and those hook me up all the film.

So in general i like it a little bit better than the first but that’s me , probably you should like the first Conjuring but you’re not going to hated it or feel let down. I dare to say between Warcraft and Now You See Me 2 ( which i haven’t watch yet but i will) this could be the best film out there in  your closest cinema.





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