Film Education: Editing



I’m not an expert in filmmaking I’m recently started shooting and practicing in my short film. My first time with one of my friends and editor was really cool to see how your film is taking form in the editing process.

  • If you want to edit in digital you can use any  editing program and begin to edit.
  • People said final cut is the most legit and kind of believe it but i want to try it.
  • You can do it while you’re in production or post production. video-editing_585_329_80
  • Read books about editing or blogs of other people with more experience, that could be helpful.
  • What filmmakers and cinephiles says editing in film is way more complicated that digital. I’m so motivated to work with that Eisenstein editing)
  • Probably to have that editing experience you should go to film school , someone you know that edit film , find someone or do it by yourself.
  • Watch films
  • Films with the best editing could be better such as for example: Lawrence of Arabia, Mad Max Fury Road, Michael Khan who mostly works with Spielberg (Schindlers List , Saving Private Ryan, Raiders of the Lost Ark) , Thelma Schoonmaker who works with Scorsese ( Goodfellas , Raging Bull, The Departed) , Apocalypse Now , The Dark Knight , etc . There’s so many great edited film that you could watch.

Here’s a video that could be really useful. Hope you enjoy it.



Non of these pics and vid are mine.


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