Sausage Party Review



This adult animated film is simply one of the best comedy of the year. Seth Rogen is one of the writers and producers of this film. Directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon. The score of the film is fantastic and when you see the credits is no one else than Alan Menken (Disney animated film composer) with Christopher Lennertz. 



Seth Roger as Frank

Kisten Wiig as Brenda

Michael Cera as Barry

James Franco as Druggie

Salma Hayek as Teresa

Edward Norton as Sammy

Jonah Hill  as Carl

etc, etc, etc…


The film is about how food  wants to be selected by the gods (humans) and go to eternity. But after Frank and Brenda fells off  the supermarket cart they and other food member will going to find their way to go to eternity , until they discover the ugly truth of the other side and they will defend their existence.

The category of this film is food porn! A smart , fun and hilarious movie that i’m mad something  never like this passes thru my mind. The topic of religious believes and different way of thinking is something we actually live everyday and they pull it of in this supermarket food adventure. The third acts is so cool and fun that will make you forget what you have seen the past weeks.

Everything here is hardcore!  Is Seth Rogen’s Toy Story with some of zootopia with sex and drugs . prepare to LOL !








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