Fantastic Beast Review

A solid prequel/Spin-off to the wizardly world of Harry Potter. Director David Yates knows how to bring nostalgia to the fans and we thanks J.K. Rolling for keeping writing stories about wizards and magic.

The characters is my favorite part of the film, they are all charming: Eddie Redmayne ( Newt) , Katherine Waterston (Tina) , Dan Fogler (Kowalski). We also have in the cast Colin Farrell, Jon Voight and Ezra Miller.

A movie with surprises and creatures you have never seen before, you will enjoy it.

I have to admit the visual effects sometimes are really good and some times are really bad!

My Potter Film order now are: 

#9- HP: Deadly Hollows Part 1

#8 HP: Half-Blood Prince

#7 HP: Order of the Phoenix

#6 HP : Chamber of Secrets

#5 HP: Sorcerer’s Stone

#4 Fantastic Beast

#3 HP: Goblet of Fire

#2 HP : Deadly Hollows Part 2

#1 HP: Prisoner of Azkaban




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