Review: Rogue One

“I am one with the force, the force is with me.”


I have seen Rogue One twice in a day, first in IMAX, second time in 4DX… I’m still exited!

I don’t know if call this a review,but I have to tell you this movie will thrill you and will have you on the edge of your X-Wing. Star Wars fans have been please by director Gareth Edwards in the first spin off of this saga.

It’s better than the prequels, so relax. It’s better than Awakens? Well that’s on you. It is good as one of the originals? For me… yes.

The movie have classic characters and new ones that you will care about them while the film goes. I will like to have Rogue One  in my  war film list , even I know it’s sci-fi / fantasy and part of Star Wars.

The visuals  and the cinematography are awesome. Michael Giacchino delivers his best score to date, thanks man!


I just have to says the third act until the end is amazing and fan pleasing you will love. I promise.

Go and have fun with this film in IMAX if is possible , because is one of the best films of the year.

May The Force Be With you, Always.




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