Top 10 Worst films of 2016

This years has been awful in many ways so you want to go to the movies to have distract yourself, but this terrible movies simply won’t help at all.  It can be easy a top 15 because this year was so damn average and have really bad films.

Reminder: I will share my top ten best films of the year when I finally get to see, “La La Land” and “Silence”.

I haven’t seen “Collateral Beauty” , “Ben-Hur” , “Masterminds” and some others.

Disappointing films : Suicide Squad, Passengers, Assassin’s Creed.

10) Zoolander 2


I just can say they all need a paycheck ( I don’t think so) , so they made this shit. Oh! the poster is not even complete… so bad for them!

9) Angry Birds


The teaser trailer  for this has Michael Jackson’s “Bad” in it… and  He was advertising us. This animated film is one of the worst I have seen in years. I don’t remember when was the last time I watched an animated film so bad.

8) Inferno


If hell exist and your going , you’ll find a screening  of this movie there, I promise. It’s like a TV movie made by Ron Howard. Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones trying there best. poor of them.

7) Allegiant


I told you guys this franchise is a bad as fuck!

” No It’s Not” – fan of this shit

” yes it is!!” – Me

No one cares about it, have bad visuals , average acting. The franchise cancelled the next installment  because things are not going good. They want to make the next movie for TV because is more cheaper and Woodley is not going to be part of it. Probably will be cancelled too.

Bye bye, Divershit!

6) The Do- Over


Obviously you have to mention an Adam Sandler movie in the worst films of the year. He is an expert making those.

5) Independence Day: Resurgenceindependence-day-2-resurgence-movie-poster

I was bored to death. Non-sense money grabber sequel. They really think this was a good idea, probably they also believe we are  stupid. My mom was motivated to see the sequel of Independence Day and she was annoyed by this mountain of garbage. Awful!

4) Warcraft


I was expecting this film to be the best adaptation of a video game and I was damn wrong. The visuals aren’t that great even I understands the intentions, this is just annoying to watch, it’s so cartoonish and terrible!

Could be probably nominated for a Razzie!

3) The Neon Demon


I know art house features can be complicated to watch. They are really different  than the mainstream movies we frequently see, but WTF is this bitch?!!! Yes have some great shots but it doesn’t change anything. It’s boring and it’s painful.

2) Alice Thought the looking Glass.


You Know this is going to suck when you see the trailers and the posters. Looks shitty and it is shitty. Totally unnecessary.

1)Gods of Egypt


WOW! I have seen bad movies in the last years, but this was in another level. Horrible visuals, story, acting , holy shit! I want to vomit doing this list. You can’t call film like this movies.




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