Oscars 2017 Snubs/rant

I Love The Oscars but I gave them like a 95% of credibility about his nominations. This Year I have some issues like always.

Here is the Official list : http://oscar.go.com/nominees/costume-designhttp://oscar.go.com/nominees/costume-design

Here comes the bullets.

  • SILENCE is a better film than HELL OF HIGH WATER!

silence_ver4 hell-or-high-water-poster

  • Amy Adams snub for “Arrival”.
  • Lucas Hedge for Best Supporting Actor ? He was good but easy dudes!
  • Costume Design snub “Live By Night”.
  • Passengers Production design? WTF , again ” Live by Night” have better.
  • No, but let’s nominate Passengers to Original Score too. You know what? Even “Rogue One” and “A Monster Calls” have better scores.
  • No nominations for “Deadpool ” and “Captain America: Civil War”.
  • “Passengers” have more nominations than Silence? Bitch please!
  • Jeff Bridge get an Oscar nomination for play himself.
  • NO nominations for Sing Street! “Drive it like your stole it” or any other of the songs deserves to be nominated!

What are your thoughts?



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