Logan Review

Hugh Jackman’ last ride as Wolverine is here. Brutal and savage. Emotional and great.

A solid conclusion for the greatest character of the X-men . This could have been a great trilogy but you know what happen before. This is the Wolverine we have been waiting for more than a decade.

Good:  The heart  in this project let us know how Jackman loves this character and the fans. The dramatic involvement of Logan and Charles Xavier are the soul of the movie. Is really violent, not for kids, great for fans and a really good movie for movie lovers.

-Your going to love X-23.

Sir Patrick Stewart nailed it, the best performance of his career. Oscar Nom?  I want to say yes. If the Oscars are tomorrow, yes.

Love the tone and the indie western feeling.


Bad: I was expecting a little bit more at the end, just a little.  The bad guys  are really flawed.

Hate Weapon X-24 , I consider it lack of originality.

In the whole X-Men franchise something tells me it’s not better than Days of Future Past but is really close to be. Maybe I’ll change my mind the second time.

  • I didn’t change my mind.

But go and enjoy the best film out there.

4/5 first time.

4.5/5 Second time.



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