Top 10 Musicals

This list is only about live action films. Not animated or Broadway.

10)  Grease (1978)


Probably this is your mom favorite musical or one of them. The early years of the career of  John Travolta were dancing and singing. A film that becomes a cult classic.


Girl if you love movies ” You’re the one that I want”.


9)  Moulin Rouge! (2001)


Moulin Rouge! Remembers me when I start to watch films in HBO. The first thing that comes to my mind are the colors of this film and Ewan McGregor aka Obi Wan singing. I was like Jedi can sing. The cinematography is so good.


Winner of 2/10 Academy Awards.

What’s your fav song?

8) Mary Poppins (1964)


If you didn’t saw this movie in your childhood something was wrong. One of the most iconic live action disney characters played by Julie Andrews was made to save Mr. Banks and save us. ( you can see Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, Saving Mr. Banks film to know what I’m talking ).  There’s a sequel coming  so stay tuned for that.


Mary Poppins was nominated for 13 Academy Awards, wins 5 because you know this film is  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


7) Les Miserables (2012)


France have good stories told thru years. In this list we have Moulin Rouge!, Les Misérables and two mores that I will mention later. This film made me go back and watch the musicals that I have missed all these years. The performances are great  and one of my favorite of Hugh Jackman beside Wolverine is Jean Valjean.


But Anne Hathaway  just blew me away in this films , she gives me chills every time I see this performance.

6) Beauty and The Beast (2017)


The Disney animated classic comes to life in an enchanting live action adaptation and people is loving it so far. Your first option when you go to the movie theater this week is Beauty and The Beast and live the power of nostalgia.


Be our Guest is my favorite part of the film for sure, give goosebumps. Probably I will like it more the second time.


5) The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)


I have a peculiar experience with this film. I watched this french musical with no subtitles and I understand it even I don’t know french. This film keeps telling me how wonderful film are because even you don’t understand a language, the visuals language tells the story .

This film have a beautiful colors , good performances and a nice romantic story. This feature is one of the favorite of Damien Chazelle ( La La Land, Director) so now you know what film inspired him the most.


I wonder if one day I’ll see a puertorican musical with this caliber.

4)  West Side Story (1961)


One of the greatest musicals of all time , winner of 10 academy Awards including Best Picture and one for our puertorican diva Rita Moreno. So proud to say her name she is so great.

A film about youngster falling in love in New York with a tension between rival gangs. A film about some puertorican in Manhattan but I want a spanish musical  with puertoricans made by them.


A must see!

3) Singin’ in the Rain (1952)


One of those few film that have a 100% score in Rotten Tomatoes , but come on, is really good and probably you haven’t seen it.


Have one the most iconic scene in movie history. This was the golden age of musicals in Hollywood.

I love the song Singin’ in the rain.

2) La La Land (2016)


Last year we have what I called the best musical of my generation 90’s – 2010’s. Yes, we have some good musicals but La La land have an ambition in a visual dazzling style that the non musical audience can also enjoy.


Is in my second spot because is a film for dreamers and I am one of those dreamers who wants to be part of the film industry. This movie apply to any complicated dream that want to do what you love for a living.

Here’s my favorite part of the film and one of these  recent years great piece of cinema.

  1. The Sound of Music (1965)


The same filmmakers from “West Side Story” made another cinematic classic and my personal favorite musical of all time. Julie Andrews is so delightful and wonderful. If you have this terrific actress in a musical just wait for the best.


I love the scope of the film and the heart of this almost 3 hours musical. Winner of 5 Oscars including Best Picture.


What’s your favorite musical?

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