Film Education: Production Design

I call it film education, but is like a little something, it’s not like a whole class or something. I already talked about editing, cinematography and writing. Now…

Production Design

Is the art direction of the film, Mise en scéne, the scenario…  I hope you got it.


This is a shot from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, a tribute to George Meliés work in the early years of cinema.

A major part of the composition of the film , the place, could be open spaces too. Example, Hogwarts in the Harry Potter Franchise, The Grand Budapest Hotel , The castle in Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, Interstellar , etc.

When you see how real looks Hogwarts in a Harry Potter movie or even a landscape in a films like The Revenant, when you say wow that place looks amazing, That’s is the production design of the film. I think you already know this but if you don’t , now you know it.  It’s easy.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


Sometimes it’s one the most notable aspects of the film. This film in overall is great by the way.

Harry Potter and the 8 films. (2001-2011)


As a kid you wanted a letter from Hogwarts because it looks fantastic, a great job that turns into a visual illusion. If Hogwarts looked cheap probably you would not wanted a letter from them, trust me.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)


Not everything have to be in a studio.


The Story is what’s the movie about. That’s not the script, The story is in the script.

Screenplay of the film is the dialogue , how the story is structure. Could be Original ( Back To the Future) or adapted ( The Shining) .

Editing – The transition and other technical stuff about it.

Cinematography – The picture, the composition of the frame , colors, illumination, etc. ( What I post every Sunday and what One Perfect Shot post everyday.

Prod. Design-  The setting, how the place is built , gives atmosphere.

Later I will talk about more about film and things like this.

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