Film Education: Acting

Acting is probably the first thing we see in the movies. Well, obviously the first thing we see in a movie is an image, but most of the time when we see a movie as kids we want to be like the person who is in the screen because we don’t  know deeply about cinema yet.

We want to be maybe like Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp , Jack Nicholson , Dustin Hoffman,  Michael Keaton…

or like, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet , Scarlet Johansson, Kate Blanchett and Sigourney Weaver.

The real thing is it doesn’t matter who. You like to see actors perform to give you a great experience at the movies, stage, TV, etc.

Actors:  Are a voice,  communicators , interpreters , the leading or supporting roles of the story. They become a different person per film , they can transform into another personality to make the story believable.

Y’all know what an actor is, you have your favorite and the one you maybe hate.

In the USA , Hollywood used the Star System. This system is from the late 1920 where the actor have to promote the film and is the main face of the film ( if i’m wrong or you want to said more write in the comments).

Acting is what average audience is mainly looking. What you commonly hears when your going to the movies if you’re not a cine lover in all the context is : ” Let’s go to see the new Will Smith movie” , ” A movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt we have to go” , ” DiCaprio is in that film for sure will be good” , Kristen Stewart sucks so the movie will probably suck too”.  Those are only little examples. You know the pressure  this people have when they are main point of attention.

To become an actor you must practice. How? Well acting school could really help because this is all about interacting with other people and yourself. Some actors go to acting school some others don’t.  They have a different type of techniques to domain the character and his essence, like method acting , Meisner, etc. Watch actors and learn from them, read scripts and practice.

This is a little scene of Daniel Day Lewis masterful performance in “There Will Be Blood”

Streep , Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Doubt.

If you sing and dance you can be like Julie Andrews.

Motion Capture acting is another and new type of acting , Andy Serkis is the man in that area.

Voice Acting is another common type of performing you can do it for film , Television or video Games.

Well I think this is it for today. Enjoy acting and you want to act go and DO IT!

Ciao! Gracias por Leer!

Dale Like

It’s an order.

Actor Robert De Niro gives a thumbs-up as he arrives at the

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