Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

eThe phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stills solid. Prepare for a fun sequel that you will enjoy a lot. This is just the beginning of the summer.


I have a good time in IMAX the way you should see this film.

The good things:

1. It have good technical aspects . Cool shots with radiant colors and visual effects that are beautiful for your eyes. Love that.

2. The chemistry it’s better. Rocket and Yondu, was my favorite team-up.

3. Yondu is the best character of the movie.

3. Drax is the funniest thing of the movie, while Baby Groot will be the cuteness overload that will make you forget the little bad things of the film. (probably)

4. You will have the explanation of Peter Quill’s background and some other from the supporting characters of this story.

5.  The music selection is good, but is not memorable and great as the first Awesome mix.

The bad things:

  1. A lot of forced jokes that let me in total poker face.
  2. Useless villains. Except one.
  3. Unnecessary characters.
  4. I have some mixed feeling about the plot and the way they manage some thing but maybe that’s just me.

In overall Guardians Vol. 2 is a good movie but not better that the first one. The first one was fresh and a surprise. This one have a better development of the character, double the jokes, more scale, emotion and a third act that will finish solidly but even with all that the film feels more flawed.

It’s hard to make a sequel as great as Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, The Winter Soldier, etc. But the point is James Gunn knows how to deals with this film and is the superhero blockbuster film we needs to escape for the daily problems we are living for a bit. Spidey is next for Marvel so fingers crossed!




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