Filmmaker: Ridley Scott

Sir Ridley Scott


Name: Ridley Scott

Born: November 30, 1937

From: UK

College: Royal College of Art ( not for film school)

Occupation: Director and Producer.

Ridley Scott Is a successful veteran filmmaker. A man who start making short films and television, made his directorial debut at the age of 40 with The Duelist.

Sir Scott have huge résumé, some ups and down like a rollercoaster. Have bad films , average films and great films.  You probably love his work, his most iconic films are Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator,Thelma & Louise, to mention few of them.

I have a huge respect for this old man, even I haven’t seen all of his films. Nominated for 4 Oscars , 3 for Best Director.

I’m really excited for Alien Covenant this week, I have such a good vibe!

Notable Works:

2017- Alien: Covenant
 2015- The Martian
 2014- Exodus: Gods and Kings
 2013- The Counselor
 2013-The Vatican
 2012- Prometheus
 2010- Robin Hood
 2008- Body of Lies
 2007- American Gangster
 2006- A Good Year
 2005- Kingdom of Heaven
 2003- Matchstick Men
 2001- Black Hawk Down
 2001- Hannibal
 2000- Gladiator
 1997- G.I. Jane
 1996- White Squall
 1992- 1492: Conquest of Paradise
 1991- Thelma & Louise
 1989- Black Rain
 1987- Someone to Watch Over Me
 1985- Legend
 1982-Blade Runner
 1977- The Duellists
 1965- Z Cars (TV Series) (1 episode)
 1965- Boy and Bicycle (Short film)
He can create worlds and creatures. On the left with Sigourney Weaver ( Ripley) and right with a xenomorph.


With Harrison Ford on the set of Blade Runner.


On the set of Gladiator with Russell Crowe.


79 years old and still doing what he loves. 



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