Alien Covenant: Review

I have mixed feelings with this film.


The first 30 minutes are boring. Our main female character is more of a secondary character not strong enough to care for. I didn’t felt the suspense or horror ( maybe im immune) like the first Alien.

This half prometheus- half Alien is not a bad movie but it could have been a better film, it’s simply okay, average or good depends on your taste. I understand if some Alien fans do not liked it and if some others did.

Michael Fassbender as Dave/ Walter is the best performance of the movie. The other good things about this film is the gore, the production design and the sound.

Have nice moments for the Alien franchise and is definitively better than Alien 3 and Resurrection. I have a battle in my mind between Prometheus and Alien Covenant so can tell at this moment who is better. But go and see Alien Covenant and tell me know what you think.






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