Film Education: Costume Design

Another easy thing you can see in films is the Costume Design.


There are artist behind the costume design, so those people deserves credit for there work.  You can’t believe the story of the movie if the characters have a bad clothing design on them, or at least that can be disturbing to see.


This picture of The Grand Budapest Hotel show us one of today most memorable costume designs for an indie film and is gorgeous,  because fits perfectly with the tone of the film. Other wise this clothing in another kind of film could be really weird and probably wouldn’t work.

Sometime the color of the costume can have meanings and absolutely talks about the personality of the character.

From complex costumes like in Alice In Wonderland


To less complex like in La La Land.


There’s a lot of variety and hundreds of costumes in cinema.

Costume can show us evolution of a character and can be iconic. Probably you can this costume (pic below) and  you know where it comes from and how symbolic it is.


if you want to be a Costume Designer I believe you should start drawing , learning , probably in college you can learn more from that, I really don’t know that much because is not my area, but try your best to be one of the greatest costume designers in the industry.



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