Film Education: Hair & Make Up

In this industry the make up is super important to transform actors into characters. The combination  of hair and make up with the costume takes shape for the illusion in films.

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Is also an easy thing to noticed when your watching a movie. I will show you some actors and there transformations as examples.

Daniel Day Lewis


Daniel Day Lewis is a demigod by the way.

Billy The Butcher ( Gangs of New York), Daniel Plainwiew ( There Will Be Blood) and Lincoln (Lincoln).

Johnny Depp


Some people calls him a clown because he is always under make up. I believe he feels more confident to be in character that way.

Jack Sparrow , Edward Scissorhands  and Mad Hatter.

Charlize Theron

With her make up in Monster (left) you can’t probably realize it’s her for a instant.  Other characters  Furiosa ( Mad Max: Fury Road) and Aeon Flux.

Some other actors are behind CGI like:

Andy Serkis

download (1)

This man is a CGI motion capture expert.

Smeagol/ Gollum ( Lord of the Rings trilogy) , Caesar ( Planet of the Apes Reboot) and Snoke ( The Force Awakens)

Zoe Saldana ( I can bet is Saldaña but anyways)


She have been under CGI in Avatar and normal make up in Guardians of The Galaxy.

I don’t think CGI transformation count as Hair & Make up at the Oscars but is for sure Visual Effects.  I have to check that.

Hollywood is also utilizing CGI as make up techniques is to make actors looks younger for flashbacks , etc.

Marvel used this in various film as Ant-man, Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2



Civil War


Also to bring people back to life like Tarkin in Star Wars: Rogue One.


If you want to be part of the film industry as a make up or hair stylish artist.

  1. Study in College.
  2. Practice by your own , you don’t necessary need college.
  3. Help filmmakers for free first, later the money will come with the years of experience.
  4. Hope this could motivates and helps you.

Thanks for read and visit this miserable blog. LOL

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