Film Education: Visual Effects

You already know what is acting, costume design, editing, film score, screenplays, cinematography ,make up and now I will talk about visual effects. A thing people loves in summer movies.

Some visual effects are practicals


and others are CGI.

Movies have combinations of both some times. Visual Effects is like magic that’s why filmmakers long time ago called Meliés a magician (He was one).

This is a clip from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, but you can find some original clips from Melies in Youtube.

 Some examples of practical effects in films:

2001 : A Space Odyssey (1968)

The visuals of this film are outstanding and then you realize there is no CGI or computers with the technology we have today in the 60’s, it’s totally mind blowing!!

If you haven’t seen this film yet … go fcking check it out!!

Star Wars Original Trilogy

Probably you were asking as a kid ” Wow! those lightsaber are real?”, ” The Millenium Falcom goes that fast”? We all get into the illusion of the visuals.

People loves these films. The first Star Wars was made with 11 Million , an indie film, Today is worth billions and is a major blockbuster extravaganza. They were game changers!

Look how cool those lightsabers shines.

Inception (2009) and Interstellar (2014)

We are hyped every time Christopher Nolan have a film coming. Well he loves practical effects.

Examples of CGI :

Sometimes it doesn’t work that much but it does’t mean they are bad.

Like the Star Wars prequel , ya’ll know the differences from the originals.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

James cameron is a visionary. Terminator 2 have combinations of practicals with CGI that works perfectly for this action masterpiece .

Jurassic Park (1993)

I Love Jurassic Park, I know you do. This was another mix with robotic and CGI , it’s creepy and visually genius!

Steven Spielberg is a god!

Avatar (2009) and The Jungle Book (2016)

Another James Cameron picture of visual ambitiousness.

Some filmmakers don’t like green/blue screen because you have to imagine things aren’t there. It’s not the same act in front of something even is mechanic like Jaws or a Dinosaur in JP. But sometimes is worth it create a world where probably only CGI and computer can create.

Actually We enjoy all the visuals in films no matter how they are made. Transport us into  worlds only our dream and movies can takes us.

If you want to become one of the people o made visuals possible.

  1. College is always an option
  2. Buy computer programs and start practicing.
  3. You can’t create some practical stuff and help other filmmaker do their films.
  4. Animation? Yes. But I’ll talk about Animation in another post one day.


Believe it or not David Fincher use a lot of CGI and you just probably didn’t noticed.


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