Film Education: Producing

Producing means build the film. It’s all the elements together.

(don’t know from what movie is this pic)

Producers assemble the team to make the film come true. They have a lot to do with the movie itself not everything is the director.

There 3 stage of production to make a movie and are:

1) Pre- Production

Writing (Stanley Kubrick writing on the set of The Shining) 

Writing the story and the screenplay is the first step of this stage.

Casting (Scene from La La Land.)

Finding the right actors who can fit the characters of the story.

Finding a Locations 

Finding a Director of Photography (Pic of Janusz Kaminski) 

You need someone to shoot your movie. Can be yourself.

Finding a Director ( Pic of David Fincher doing his thing) 

Someone who can give the direction the story needs to get. Also can be yourself.

Finding money (Crowdfunding)

You need money to pay your crew. Indie filmmakers mostly do crowdfunding, or pay with their own money, or have a millionaire friend, or steal money, I don’t know what they do but they need money.

This is the role of the Executive producer.

There some producer that simply knows you have talent and they will going to help you not matter what your film is about or what your going to do.

(Spielberg Left have been executive producer many times. Peter Jackson on right)

2) Production

Start shooting the film (Tarantino with his crew)

One the film is complete you go to the last step of production.

3) Post- Production

Editing ( Jim Cameron Editing) 

Someone need to give the shape of the film. In editing room the movie takes it’s final form. You can do it yourself , too.

Composing ( Hans Zimmer in da’ house ) 

A musician aka film score composer to give the spark , spirit , tone and all those great things music can bring to the film.

Also finding someone who can do sound editing and mixing.

If you want to be a film producer help other make there projects. 


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