Spider-Man Homecoming : Review 

Tom Holland is definitively Spider-Man !

Spider-Man is home where he belong with Marvel.

You’ll have non stop fun with this teen age comedy.  Sony should be thankful by making this deal with Marvel, it really works.

The good: 

1) The comedy , the tone and the essence of Spidey is with Tom Holland in the movie 100% the whole time.

2) Michael Keaton is the shit!! Loved him so much! The vulture is one of the strongest villain performances in the MCU!

3) Iron Man is not in the whole film.

4) Giachinno score is really good!

5) The sound editing and Mixing is Oscar buzz.

6) Visuals are ok.

The bad:

1) A film with heart that could have reach more emotion with a bit of more effort.

2) Not much aunt May and Peter relation but is kind of okay to me

3) The Ending is not that strong as I though it was going to be.


At the end this movie is better than Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 and The Best Spider-Man films since Spider-Man 2 .



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