Review: War For The Planet of the Apes 

Apes. Together . STRONG!

War for the Planet of The Apes is the best conclusion of a trilogy since The Dark Knight Rises.

The Best Planet of The Apes film ever made!

One of the most touching and deeply moving films of the year and the most impresive thing is they are motion capture CGI apes!

Please start a campaign for Andy Serkis  performance as Caesar for an Oscar! He nailed , he is fcking amazing!

This film doesn’t have a huge war scene but it’s in the enviroment, this film is more like a war thriller film. Have action sequences obviously.

My respects to Matt Reeves who since Dawn of The Planet Apes we know how talented and capable he is to lead this franchise.

  • The visual effects are outstanding.
  • The score from Michael Giachinno is one his best

This trilogy is a mirror to the sickness , despicable and darkest side of what human are capable of. We are fucking disgusting!

Pro animal? I can say yes.  But we should learn more from these Apes.

This movie is why films are art + entertainment.

I know “No film is perfect” (we can talk about that later) but I’m looking for flaws and I can’t find one that can bother me.

Don’t worry Folk ” The Batman” is in good hands.

4.5…. 4.9… what the hell … 5/5. Probably in the second viewing  can change my mind but meanwhile is an A+.

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