Filmmaker Quote: Janusz Kaminski

“Spielberg. surrounds himself with great crew members who are at the top of their game and know their stuff. He motivates us by liking what we do, and he doesn’t get paralyzed by the process or by new ideas. He embraces them and uses them.” – Janusz Kaminski


Pacific Rim Uprising Review

What a flopbuster!

The pacing and the story is a mess. So rush and sometimes seems pointless. Or maybe I’m a moron?

John Boyega and Cailee Spaeny are good in it. Them and the third act are the only good things of this sequel.

Thr jokes are lame, not funny at all. and you simply don’t care about the characters.

I’m so disaapointed. Specially in the story that is just a lazy excuse to keep going in a forced way.

Can be your guilty pleasure tho!


Tom Raider Review

The best video adaptation ever? I think so.

But they have to do few more things  to improve the genre.

I enjoyed it. I though was better than my expectations so– yeah you can buy a ticket for this or wait, is your choice.

Alicia Vikander is great as Lara Croft I like her a lot.  Hhave nice actions scenes but the story … is ok?

Again I was ever bored during this film but they can do a lot lot better.


(do you want grades? or 3.5/5? or 7/10? or none? )