Film Education: Sound Editing/ Mixing

Some people think sound quality in film is not that important well it is.

A movie with bad sound can be enjoy less. you Have to be careful with sound. Unless your doing a silent film.

Sound Editing

You can be a sound designer downloading programs like audacity and start recording yourself doing stuff by your own designing the sound for the things you want in your movie.

Sometimes we saw a movie and the sound we heard is not necessary a super boom recording the moment, could be another object that created that sound.  That’s Cool!

Sound Mixing

Is getting together the sound mixed with other sounds and the image.

The Ways to learn about sound editing and mixing

  1. College (always optional)
  2. Watching films. Blockbusters and horror/thriller have a lot of sound.
  3. Youtube and Books
  4. Start by your own practicing everyday.
  5. YES! Always say the same for every film educational post.

I will show you my favorite Sound editing and mixing from movies.

Hear this beautiful this scene from 1:35 When the scores turns silence and the sound takes you into the experience! What an epic masterpiece is The Return of the King.

No Country for Old Men is one of those film I like more every time I rewatch.

More Examples for your ears.

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