Movie Critics

Some moviegoers and cinephiles read the opinion of film critics to know how good is the movie they are going to watch in the week.

Film Critic

A critic is a professional journalist  who have study journalism and also knows movie theory, probably have a BA in filmmaking too… What I don’t have. 

They love movies. They are not movie haters ( Some of them are, don’t get me wrong). They love movies so much they get pay for watch them and talk about them … that’s life.

Some people hate them because they talked bad about the film you like.

(Dude! maybe you like bad movies or maybe you just don’t know that much about movies you just go and have fun.. it’s the only thing you know about  them. )

Film critics also serves as a promotion to the film. if the movie receive positive criticism, there positive reactions can appear in the tv spots as I mentioned in a post before.

Some filmmakers have respect to film critics and some other simply hate them.

My favorite professional film critic is

Peter Travers

He writes for the Rollings Stone magazine and I’m sometimes 95% agree with his words about movies.

If you want to know a great opinion about a movie it does’t matter the score it have Rotten Tomatoes (I will talk about RT in another post another day)  I recommend this man.

Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

He made reviews for the Chicago Tribune and have a Tv show with Gene Siskel ( 1946-1999) named Siskel and Ebert. 

Roger Ebert once says Martin Scorsese was going to be one of the greatest filmmakers and Martin Scorsese today is one of the greatest filmmaker. He is the kind of critic that some filmmakers today would love to hear o read his criticized about their film. I loved him.

François Truffaut (1932-1984)

He was a film critics and a filmmaker. I still haven’t seen one of his films but I will. 😉

Some other love movies so much they just like to watch movies and make reviews with no degree in filmmaking nor journalism (like me). But trust me some of them can be even better than professional critics.

other are probably prepared but they just do work in youtube.

One of my fav people in youtube is John Campea to give you an example. Among others there’s Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckman. Go check them out. They know their shit!

John Campea


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Emoji movie Quick Review 




The evolution of movie trailers

You love movie trailers? You know there function, right? Movie trailers are only to promote, sell , inform what are you going to see in the movie theater if you choose that movie to watch.

But trailer have evolves thru time as movies does. From no trailers to the ones we know today.


The trailers used to have too much informative text, a narrator and clips from the movie.

Example: Frankenstein trailer.


Casablanca original trailer


It seems the trailers used the same style only that it gets longer?

Sunset Boulevard original trailer.


Psycho trailer

Longer. This time with no text and Alfred Hitchcock himself talking, giving tips of the film for 6 minutes.

The Good , the bad and the ugly, trailer

From here we can start seen that there’s only a narrator talking about the movie while the clips are going. Probably telling you 3 times the title of the movie just in case you’ll forget it.


The Exorcist 

Here just narrator and clips.

Obviously all trailers have music in the background other wise would be totally boring!


Here I don’t see like too much narration or is just me?

Here are more narration….


Just text and music. are we progressing?

I like this one!

this is poetic… tell me if this trailer is not the original. This is how the trailers should be… for me, I think.


T2 trailer have a good editing and maybe you can notice the difference between the trailers of the last years.

The best formula for trailers kind of starting to born in the 90’s.

Toy Story

This are the trailers that I started to watch… I born in the 90’s you know.


The new millennium. There’ always teaser trailers but now are more elaborated.

Some people just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the teaser trailers. (this is just a random fact)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

After a teaser trailer we see a great official trailer!

The Dark Knight

Now we have more than one trailer for summer blockbusters.



We can have 3 trailers because 2 are not enough !?

Batman V. Superman


Having more than two trailers can show you don’t trust your product. Is like telling us BUY THIS PRODUCT! NOW!

Spiderman: Homecoming


Teaser trailers is just not give to much information and leaving you intrigue of what will you see when the film release.



Fate of the Furious 

Now listen to the buzz or weird sound shit that appear is most of action , thrillers and horror trailers.

listen in :44…

Underworld:Blood Wars

or now you listen that shit you can hear in :19 then again in :48. Probably you can hear the buzz too.


Anyways talking about trailers we have to talk  and give respect to Disney, because they knows how to create the greatest  trailers like they have done recently with Star Wars. You can watch those trailers like 10 times , even you can cry of nostalgia.

TV Spots

My favorite kind of narration in trailers are in the TV spots.

I personally love the tv spots with the narrator talking about critics reactions or the film is nominated for Oscars or Golden Globes.

The Return of the King.

When in the last spot that it says ” This masterpiece takes its rightful place among such classic as Gone with the Wind and Lawrence of Arabia”  I have goosebumps.


When you see those big names of magazines is a high chance the movie is good.

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