Filmmaker Profile: Guillermo del Toro

One of the best mexican directors in the film industry. 

Guillermo del Toro

Nombre: Guillermo Del Toro

Nació: Octubre 9 , 1964

País: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Alma Mater: Centro de Investigación y Estudios Cinematográficos, Guadalajara.

Guillermo del Toro se le conoce por sus filmes oscuros como por ejemplo: El laberinto del Fauno , Cronos, Crimson Peak , etc.

  • Estudio maquillaje y efectos especiales
  • Hizo 10 cortometrajes antes de su primer largometraje.
  • Creo film production como Necropia y Tequila Gang.
  • Co-fundador de Guadalajara Film Festival.
  • Tiene credito como escritor en la trilogía de The Hobbit


  • Cronos (1993) 
  • Mimic (1997) 
  • The Devils Backbone (2001) 
  • Hellboy (2004)
  • Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
  • Pacific Rim (2013)
  • Crimson Peak (2015)
  • The Shape of Water (2017)


Del Toro es fan de los filmes de horror. 

(pic de THR)

En el set de Pan’s Labyrinth con Ivana Baquero.

Es mejor amigo de Chivo, Alfonso y Alejando. Ustedes han visto sus trabajos. 


and He is NOT related to Benicio del Toro.



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Filmmaker: Stephen King

He mostly know as one of the greatest writers of all time and his stories have been adapted into major motion pictures.

Name: Stephen Edwin King

Born: September 21, 1947

From: Portland, Maine

Alma Mater: University of Maine

Occupation: Writer

King is one of my favorite writers, a gifted and dark writer. Mostly known for his horror supernatural stories. Have sold more than 350 copies and have written over 200 short stories.

Probably when you see a horror movie or a tv series and you ask who wrote that story , well is probably Stephen King. This year have 3 stories adapted : The Dark Tower, IT and Mr. Mercedes.  

He also have another pen name named as Richard Bachman .


More notable stories adapted to the big screen below: 

Carrie (1976) (novel)

Salem’s Lot (1979) (TV movie) (Novel)

The Shinning  (1980) (Novel) ( He hate’s the film btw)

The Boogeyman (1982) (short story)

Cujo (1983) (novel)

Christine (1983) (novel)

The Dead Zone (1983) (novel)

Children of the Corn (1984) (Short Story)

Stand by Me (1986) ( The Body- Novella)

The Running Man (1987) ( as Richard Bachman)

Pet Samatary (1989) (Novel and Screenplay)

IT (1990) (Mini series) (novel)

Misery  1990 (Novel)

The Shawshank Redemption (1996) (Short story)

The Green Mile (1999) (novel)

Dreamcatcher (2003) (novel)

Secret Window (2004) ( short story)

1408 (2004) (Short story)

The Mist (2004) (novel)

The Dark Tower (2017) (novels)

IT (2017) (novel)

and many many others!

Stephen King says he just sit down and start writing.

On Under the Dome set. 

Also have some movie cameos

Some of my favorite Stephen King adaptations are

The Shawshank Redemption 

The Shining (He hate it but I loved it. I can understand why)

IT (miniseries) 

I have a feeling I’ll love the new film more.


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The evolution of movie trailers

You love movie trailers? You know there function, right? Movie trailers are only to promote, sell , inform what are you going to see in the movie theater if you choose that movie to watch.

But trailer have evolves thru time as movies does. From no trailers to the ones we know today.


The trailers used to have too much informative text, a narrator and clips from the movie.

Example: Frankenstein trailer.


Casablanca original trailer


It seems the trailers used the same style only that it gets longer?

Sunset Boulevard original trailer.


Psycho trailer

Longer. This time with no text and Alfred Hitchcock himself talking, giving tips of the film for 6 minutes.

The Good , the bad and the ugly, trailer

From here we can start seen that there’s only a narrator talking about the movie while the clips are going. Probably telling you 3 times the title of the movie just in case you’ll forget it.


The Exorcist 

Here just narrator and clips.

Obviously all trailers have music in the background other wise would be totally boring!


Here I don’t see like too much narration or is just me?

Here are more narration….


Just text and music. are we progressing?

I like this one!

this is poetic… tell me if this trailer is not the original. This is how the trailers should be… for me, I think.


T2 trailer have a good editing and maybe you can notice the difference between the trailers of the last years.

The best formula for trailers kind of starting to born in the 90’s.

Toy Story

This are the trailers that I started to watch… I born in the 90’s you know.


The new millennium. There’ always teaser trailers but now are more elaborated.

Some people just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the teaser trailers. (this is just a random fact)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone

After a teaser trailer we see a great official trailer!

The Dark Knight

Now we have more than one trailer for summer blockbusters.



We can have 3 trailers because 2 are not enough !?

Batman V. Superman


Having more than two trailers can show you don’t trust your product. Is like telling us BUY THIS PRODUCT! NOW!

Spiderman: Homecoming


Teaser trailers is just not give to much information and leaving you intrigue of what will you see when the film release.



Fate of the Furious 

Now listen to the buzz or weird sound shit that appear is most of action , thrillers and horror trailers.

listen in :44…

Underworld:Blood Wars

or now you listen that shit you can hear in :19 then again in :48. Probably you can hear the buzz too.


Anyways talking about trailers we have to talk  and give respect to Disney, because they knows how to create the greatest  trailers like they have done recently with Star Wars. You can watch those trailers like 10 times , even you can cry of nostalgia.

TV Spots

My favorite kind of narration in trailers are in the TV spots.

I personally love the tv spots with the narrator talking about critics reactions or the film is nominated for Oscars or Golden Globes.

The Return of the King.

When in the last spot that it says ” This masterpiece takes its rightful place among such classic as Gone with the Wind and Lawrence of Arabia”  I have goosebumps.


When you see those big names of magazines is a high chance the movie is good.

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Filmmaker: Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Name: Christopher Edward Nolan

Born: July 30, 1970

From: Westminster, UK.

Alma Mater: University College London

No Film School.

Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest if is not the best filmmaker of the 21 century so far. He haven’t made a bad film yet (I need to see Dunkirk next week).  One of the most critically acclaimed directors in the film industry.

He have a BA degree in English literature but his passion for movies was so huge that he  becomes a self tough filmmaker.

Nolan Loves to work with film and IMAX formant.

Notable Works:

  • Doodlebug  (1997) (Short Film) (if you click you’ll find his short film)
  • Following (1998) (first film)
  • Memento (2000)
  • Insomnia (2002)
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • The Prestige (2006)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)
  • Inception (2010)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
  • Man of Steel (2013) (Producer)
  • Interstellar (2014)
  • Dunkirk (2017)

On set of the greatest superhero film ever made ” The Dark Knight” .

Nolan with his wife and producer Emma Thomas, the woman behind his success.

He loves shooting on IMAX film. That’s why we should see his work on IMAX!

( I don’t own any picture)

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What is a cinephile?

Cinephile: Is a person who have a passion to cinema.

( I don’t own this picture or any on this post)

Tarantino is a huge movie lover, he is one of those filmmaker who learned making movies watching them. there many others too.

Those people probably have a huge film collection in his home…

 Like this or maybe bigger. I’m on my way to be like this.

cinephiles can become film reviewers. Here’s one of my fav on youtube to give you an example.

Chris Stuckmann

They can also become professional film critics like Siskel & Ebert.

oh boy and how I miss those day watching them on T.V.

A film lover not necessary wants to become a filmmaker , they want first of all have a great time and a unique experience watching movies.

You are a cinephile if :

  1. Watching movies is your main hobby.  The movie theater is your second home.
  2. You’re always talking about movies.
  3. Understand films are art.
  4. Always quoting movies when you’re hanging with friends. (film are literature)
  5. They ask you for movie recommendations. ( If you recommend them a masterpiece or a classic film they will probably don’t see it, trust me)
  6. You read books about films.
  7. you go alone to to the movie theater a lot.
  8. you buy a lot of movies, and always watch the special features , specially if they have a making of…
  9.  For gift it’s easy, a movie or something movie related.
  10.  We are smart as fuck, Trust me. LOL


Cinephiles seen films totally different as normal moviegoers. Our eyes are literally “ahead of the curve” we can see thing that your eye can’t probably get when you are in front of a movie. We can probably give a list of what film in the year will receive Oscar nominations and when the date of the nomination arrives we can get most of the nominees right and you’ll ask how did you know ?

If you want to be a cinephile and get more into the world of movies, start to love those classic films first, black and white movies and silent ones and there you have step in to begin.

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Review: War For The Planet of the Apes 

Apes. Together . STRONG!

War for the Planet of The Apes is the best conclusion of a trilogy since The Dark Knight Rises.

The Best Planet of The Apes film ever made!

One of the most touching and deeply moving films of the year and the most impresive thing is they are motion capture CGI apes!

Please start a campaign for Andy Serkis  performance as Caesar for an Oscar! He nailed , he is fcking amazing!

This film doesn’t have a huge war scene but it’s in the enviroment, this film is more like a war thriller film. Have action sequences obviously.

My respects to Matt Reeves who since Dawn of The Planet Apes we know how talented and capable he is to lead this franchise.

  • The visual effects are outstanding.
  • The score from Michael Giachinno is one his best

This trilogy is a mirror to the sickness , despicable and darkest side of what human are capable of. We are fucking disgusting!

Pro animal? I can say yes.  But we should learn more from these Apes.

This movie is why films are art + entertainment.

I know “No film is perfect” (we can talk about that later) but I’m looking for flaws and I can’t find one that can bother me.

Don’t worry Folk ” The Batman” is in good hands.

4.5…. 4.9… what the hell … 5/5. Probably in the second viewing  can change my mind but meanwhile is an A+.

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Film Education: Directing

Directing is one of my favorite part in films.

(Steven Spielberg directing Tom Hanks in Savin Private Ryan) 

As an amateur and self though indie filmmaker , I get so inspired and motivated every time the Academy gives The Best Director trophy to a Director (duh)  at the Oscars.

( Martin Scorsese winner of Best Director for the film The Departed)

Directing have a style. Directors have different styles and some of them you can identified them as soon the movie starts.

Like Quentin Tarantino films

and Wes Anderson films , to gives examples of unique styles.

The producers can be looking for a guy who can be the right leader and the one who can execute the story they want to tell with his styles. By the way not every director can fit to the tone the movie is going to be taken.

Some filmmakers just made film about 1 genre in specific.

( Alfred Hitchcock is well known as the master of suspense, he made other genres too, but he was an expert in thrillers) 

I love how Hitchcock show us details and POV to be more immerse in the film.

and other can handle any genre like Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese to mention some of them.

Others are Visionaries.

Stanley Kubrick, Director of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining.

There’s the director who’s also the actor in his films like Clint Eastwood.

With cool visuals styles like Zack Snyder. 

Visual poets like Terence Malick.

Others always try to stay the most realistic as possible no matter the film.

Christopher Nolan is probably the most acclaimed and hottest filmmaker in the film industry right now.

Even people who are not cinephiles knows and get excited when his new film is coming.

Some other just simply can make the greatest film of all time, like Orson Welles at age of 25.

Now you go and finished it!

I have mentioned some directors and some of the things they are recognized for. I forgot to mentioned some of them like David Fincher, Alfonso Cuaron, Tim Burton, etc. But I just wanted to tell you that the point ( mostly for those who doesn’t know) is that all are different in some ways and similar in other ways.

Directing have a huge responsibility. If the film is bad people can mostly point out that is the director’s fault, when is probably not. Sometimes they  have to improvise because things are not going according to the plan and there you have to be creative. You must be a story teller and no matter what you must complete the film and tell the story the best way as possible. Directors have to know how to threat the film to create a great piece of art and entertainment to the audience

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Film Education: Producing

Producing means build the film. It’s all the elements together.

(don’t know from what movie is this pic)

Producers assemble the team to make the film come true. They have a lot to do with the movie itself not everything is the director.

There 3 stage of production to make a movie and are:

1) Pre- Production

Writing (Stanley Kubrick writing on the set of The Shining) 

Writing the story and the screenplay is the first step of this stage.

Casting (Scene from La La Land.)

Finding the right actors who can fit the characters of the story.

Finding a Locations 

Finding a Director of Photography (Pic of Janusz Kaminski) 

You need someone to shoot your movie. Can be yourself.

Finding a Director ( Pic of David Fincher doing his thing) 

Someone who can give the direction the story needs to get. Also can be yourself.

Finding money (Crowdfunding)

You need money to pay your crew. Indie filmmakers mostly do crowdfunding, or pay with their own money, or have a millionaire friend, or steal money, I don’t know what they do but they need money.

This is the role of the Executive producer.

There some producer that simply knows you have talent and they will going to help you not matter what your film is about or what your going to do.

(Spielberg Left have been executive producer many times. Peter Jackson on right)

2) Production

Start shooting the film (Tarantino with his crew)

One the film is complete you go to the last step of production.

3) Post- Production

Editing ( Jim Cameron Editing) 

Someone need to give the shape of the film. In editing room the movie takes it’s final form. You can do it yourself , too.

Composing ( Hans Zimmer in da’ house ) 

A musician aka film score composer to give the spark , spirit , tone and all those great things music can bring to the film.

Also finding someone who can do sound editing and mixing.

If you want to be a film producer help other make there projects. 


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Baby Driver: Review

Baby Driver will be definitively one of your favorites films of the year!

Edgar Wright delivers his best job to date in one of the most fun and coolest film of the year.

This heist film have the spirit of a musical in a peculiar original style. The tracks , the car chasing , action sequences, editing , cinematography and all technical stuff is great.

Filmmakers are praising it, critics are praising it and fans are praising it, because it’s f*cking cool.

Loved this film! I don’t even know if I loved Baby or Logan more… Damn! xD


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Film Education: Animation

Ya’ll know what animation is. Most people love animated movies , right?

Snow White and The Seven Dwarf (1937)


The first animated feature film by Walt Disney was made in 1937. This film is the pioneer of animated films.

We all love Disney animated films from Fantasia (1940)

To Beauty and The Beast (1991) , the first animated film nominated for Best Picture.

and many other studios that also made animation.

Iron Giant (1999), Warner Bros.  To give an example.

2D animation

What’s Opera Doc (1957)

I love Looney Tunes, I love Bugs, I love this short film. Anyways… this is 2D animation. Some of us love the  old school style where things was in paper , way before 3D computer animation.

I think every major studio have try animation, I think so…

Walt Disney begins as an Independent animated film Industry …

Aladdin (1992)

and later becomes a big major empire with a theme parks, live actions, Tv series, etc.

More examples of 2D animation:

Lion King (1994)

My Neighbor Totoro (1988) 

Anastasia (1997)

Anastasia is a unforgotten gem? Not many still talk about this movie.

Anime ( part of 2D)

Japan have the Studio Ghibli, one of there major studios of animation.

Miyazaki  imagination have create greatest film such as Spirited Away (2001) among many others.

Princess Mononoke (1997)

This movie is badass!

Name your favorite anime not matter what studio is or Tv series.

3D Animation

Toy Story (1995) , Pixar

Pixar was born with the outstanding game changer masterpiece Toy Story , created by John Lasseter.

It’s in another dimension. Other studios started to make the same.

Shrek (2001), Dreamworks

Ice Age (2002) , 20th Century Fox. 

Despicable Me (2010), Universal Pictures

Big Hero 6 (2014), Walt Disney Pictures

You can add video games too in this list somewhere.

The Last of Us (2013)

This video game is masterful. ( Suck it Xbox XD )

Stop Motion Animation

This type of animation is made one frame at the time and it’s really hard.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

One of the most famous and beloved stop motion pictures.

Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

A Must watch!

Anomalisa (2015)

For Adults by the way!

Kubo and The Two Strings (2016)

and more!

So if you want to start doing animation and be like these people:

Walt Disney

Peter Docter, Inside Out. 

Hayao Miyazaki , Spirited Away 

Whoever is your favorite animator.

my recommendation is :

  1. Watch animated films , a lot of them.
  2. Go to youtube and see how they get made.
  3. Go to college ( if you can and want).
  4. Practice your drawing.
  5. Join filmmaker who can help you. They can write the story , screenplay, etc.
  6.  read, there should probably books about how to create animation.

Good Luck!

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